2022 Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute Retreat

This full-day conference is an opportunity to assemble faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from the Kavli Community.


08:30amNetworking Continental Breakfast
09:00amWelcoming Remarks and IntroductionsPeidong Yang, Director, Kavli ENSI
09:20amSUDI CHEN2021-2023 Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow“Spectroscopic signature of Tc in a pure d-wave superconductor”
09:40amANTHONY POGGIOLI2020-2022 Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow“Molecular insights into wettability and fluid slip in hexagonal boron nitride and layered graphite”
10:00amFRANKLIN LIOU2020-2021 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Imaging reconfigurable molecular concentration on a graphene field-effect transistor”
10:20amNetworking Break
10:40amELIZABETH PETERSON2021-2022 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“First-principles calculations of the surface potential of monolayer TMDs under illumination”
11:00amZHIYUAN RUAN2021-2022 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Design of random heteropolymers for protein stabilization”
11:20amETHAN CURLING2021-2022 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Exploiting Perovskite Phase Boundaries for Near-Unity CsPbBr3”
11:40amNIKITA HANIKEL2020-2021 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Evolution of water structures in metal-organic frameworks for improved atmospheric water harvesting”
12:00pmLunch and Poster Session
01:30pmAVISHEK DAS2021-2022 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Superlattice growth dynamics and optimal control in Coulomb-mediated nanocrystal self assembly”
01:50pmJASON CALVIN2021-2022 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Surface and core-shell interface energies of colloidal quantum dots”
02:10pmNetworking Break
02:30pmPENGCHENG CHEN2019-2021 Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow“Phase separation behavior of thermodynamically immiscible elements in a nanoparticle”
02:50pmCONG SU2019-2021 Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow“Tuning color centers at a twisted interface”
03:10pmCANXUM ZHANG2020-2021 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Visualizing electronic correlation and topology in twisted graphene systems”
03:30pmTREVOR ROBERTS2019-2020 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow“Time-resolved ultrafast STED (TRUSTED) microscopy: Towards resolving nanoscale exciton migration in self-assembled materials”
03:50pmALEKSANDR AVDOSHKIN2018-2022 Nanoscience Graduate Student Fellow“Kibble-Zurek mechanism with a limit on entanglement”
04:10pmARCHANA RAJA2017-2019 Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory“Bidirectional phonon emission during ultrafast charge transfer in 2D heterostuctures”
04:30pmConcluding RemarksProf. Omar Yaghi, Co-Director, Kavli ENSI


Jan 10 2022


Pacific Standard Time
8:30 am - 4:45 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 10 2022
  • Time: 11:30 am - 7:45 pm

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775 Tan Hall
University of California, Berkeley


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