Chiral central charge from a single bulk wave function

Time:  14:00  (UTC/GMT+8:00, Beijing/Shanghai), Dec. 13 (Mon.) , 2021

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Speaker: Shi, Bowen (UCSD)


A (2 + 1)-dimensional gapped quantum many-body system can have a topologically protected energy current at its edge. The magnitude of this current, at low temperatures, is determined entirely by the temperature and the chiral central charge, a quantity associated with the effective field theory of the edge. We derive a formula for the chiral central charge that, akin to the topological entanglement entropy, is completely determined by the many-body ground state wave function in the bulk. We numerically test our theoretical prediction for a bosonic lattice Laughlin state for finite sizes and extrapolate to the infinite-volume limit. The result of this extrapolation is consistent with the proposed formula up to an error of about 0.7%.


I. H. Kim, B. Shi, K. Kato, V. V. Albert, Chiral central charge from a single bulk wave function, [arXiv: 2110.06932]

I. H. Kim, B. Shi, K. Kato, V. V. Albert, Modular commutator in gapped quantum many-body systems, (2021) [arXiv: 2110.10400]

About the speaker:

Bowen is currently a Simons Collaboration on Ultra-Quantum Matter Fellow at University of California, San Diego. His research interest chiefly spans the entanglement in quantum many-body systems, including the entanglement bootstrap, measurement for multipartite systems, entanglement in non-equilibrium systems and criticality, and the close relations of entanglement to chiral central charge and topologically ordered phases.

Bowen received his Bachelor (2010) and Master(2013) degree from Nanjing University. He obtained his PhD degree from the Ohio State University in 2020, after which he started his Postdoc career at UCSD.


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