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Join us at the 2023 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting and learn more about our scientific areas

Minisymposium: Neurobiology and Changing Ecosystems: Mechanisms Underlying Responses to Human-Generated Environmental Impacts.

Organizer: Angie Michaiel, The Kavli Foundation

Chair: Gabrielle Gutierrez, Barnard College, Columbia University

Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 9:30am - 12pm

Location: 151


Civic Science Fellow Hosting Opportunity

The Kavli Foundation is partnering with the Rita Allen Foundation to support a Civic Science Fellow in the field of Neurobiology and Changing Ecosystems. 

We are currently seeking to support a partner organization to host a Fellow focusing on neurobiology and changing ecosystems–an emerging scientific area of great societal and scientific importance that provides a unique opportunity to re-examine our understand of neural adaptation and resilience, while having unexplored implications that impact communities, environmental sustainability, and conservation.

Learn more about this unique opportunity here. Applications are being accepted through September 1, 2023.