Zhu-Xi Lo

Dr. Zhu-Xi Lo is a mathematical physicist postdoc at KITP who aspires to never be bored. She’s inspired by the potential for AI to transform fields and the far reaching influences of condensed matter physics. Learn more about Zhu-Xi…

Connor Bottrell

Dr. Connor Bottrell recently started his postdoctoral research at IPMU in Japan. He’s passionate about
astrophysics but also makes sure to find time for barbequing and hiking. Learn more about Connor…

Ting Xu

Dr. Ting Xu and her lab at the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute (ENSI) at the University of California Berkeley embrace the complexity of the universe as they study the properties of nanomaterials and develop new functional materials that exhibit novel properties. Learn what inspires Xu’s science and motivates her efforts.