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Kavli Science and Society Discussions

Science and Society – Discussion 1

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Public Engagement with Science: Connections between Research and Practice

Our opening webinar: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Public Engagement with Science: Connections between Research and Practice, took a critical look at how public engagement does—and does not—uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The desire to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in science often manifests as public engagement. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, we must ask: How do we know if our engagement efforts actually impact DEI in a positive way?

Jeanne Garbarino moderated this captivating discussion with Angela Calabrese BartonRick Crouse and Matthew Bothwell.



Science and Society – Discussion 2

Building a Community: Mobilizing your Peers and Leveraging your Resources

Our second webinar: Building a Community: Mobilizing your Peers and Leveraging your Resources, explored how scientists build community by motivating their colleagues and capitalizing on existing resources to strengthen their science engagement.

Jeanne Garbarino moderated this exciting discussion with Susan RenoeSusan Magsamen, and César Vargas.


Science and Society – Discussion 3

Understanding People’s Relationship with Science:
A Conversation with Polling and Survey Experts

National surveys about people’s trust in, knowledge of and relationship with the scientific enterprise across the years reveal a lot of complexities about people’s connection with science. While polls have shown us that Americans maintain a positive view of both science and scientists, scientists express concern about eroding trust in science against the backdrop of issues like vaccines and climate change.

On the flip side, surveys of scientists reveal that members of the scientific community are largely motivated to participate in science engagement activities as a means to share their passion for science. Do these motivations always align with what target audiences want out of public engagement with science?

In our third Science and Society installment, we heard from experts who are working to understand the intersection of science and society at a national level. These experts have a rich history and remarkable amount of knowledge of what we know, and don’t, about people’s relationship with science. They shared trends and new data, provided insights on burning questions about people’s trust in science, and participated in a discussion on the incredible nuance around engaging our many publics in science, and how this information can help inform engagement strategies.

Jeanne Garbarino moderated this discussion with Chris Volpe and Cary Funk.



Public Engagement and SciComm Resources from Kavli Partners

2021 SciPEP Conference

Communicating the Future: Engaging the Public in Basic Science

SciPEP convened a virtual conference exploring the unique characteristics of the relationship between the public and basic research, drawing from the experience and expertise of our colleagues in the science and science communication communities.

Communicating the Future: Engaging the Public in Basic Science explored why the public and basic science should be connected and what current communication and engagement efforts are taking place, including the challenges and opportunities in this work.

Recordings of all plenary and parallel sessions can be viewed on the SciPEP YouTube page and other Conference resources can be found here.

Missing in Action:

Communication and Public Engagement Scholarship on Basic Science

Science of science communication experts John Besley of Michigan State University and Todd Newman of University of Wisconsin-Madison, together with their research teams, discussed the scope and scale of scholarship about communication and public engagement for basic science.

Read more about this in Assessing the Scholarship of Public Engagement with Basic Science and The (Very Limited) Evidence Base for Basic-Science-Specific Science Communication in Key Communication JournalsMore information can be found here

Watch this thought-provoking SciPEP pre-conference webinar here.

The Link: Connecting Science Communication Research with Practice 

The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science seeks to develop and share research-based best practices with the broader SciComm Community.

Learn more here!